MUSICKE - doth not onely make sweete the mindes of men, but also many times wilde beasts tame; and whoso savoureth it not, a man may assuredly thinke him to be not well in his wits.                                                                                     Baldassare Castiglione - 1478 - 1529
Band Member's Responsibilities Band members must recognize their contribution to the band as a whole and how that contribution affects the band's performance. The band works as a team, and team members must be present in order for rehearsals to operate smoothly and efficiently. "Sound holes" are created - much like pot holes in a highway - when a team member is missing. And as a pot hole impedes progress over a highway, "sound holes" impede progress at rehearsals. Not only are rehearsals vastly more enjoyable when all parts are represented (as a smooth highway is vastly more enjoyable on which to travel), but also more efficient. The director needn't repeat important instructions multiple times for the benefit of missing personnel. It doesn't matter if you know the music and can afford to miss rehearsals. Your leadership is important to the success of the finished product. It's about the team, and you are expected to contribute to the team effort. We recognize, though, that personal factors may occasionally keep you away from rehearsals or performances. That's the nature of a community organization. We only ask that you make a commitment to keep rehearsal and performance dates as clear as possible, and do let us know on the rare occasion when you must miss. Practice vs. Rehearsal While practice may not always make perfect, it will always make better. Band members are expected to practice difficult passages - at home. The words "practice" and "rehearsal" are not the same. "Practice" is what you do at home to perfect the notes. The "rehearsal" is where we bring the notes that you "practiced" together to form phrasing, articulation, dynamics and other musical concepts. Rehearsal Ettiquette While we wish our rehearsals to be enjoyable, it is not OK to conduct social visits during rehearsal time. It is rude and unprofessional to do so. Save that for pre-rehearsal, breaks, or post-rehearsal. If you must discuss items related to the music at hand, please make it quick and quiet. It is also not appropriate to have your cell phone on and be talking or texting at any time during rehearsals. Turn your phone off and keep it in your pocket. Whoever calls you will leave a message if the call is important. If you're expecting an important call that you must answer, take it into the hallway. Folders The folders are not assigned to you. They are assigned to the music stand. You may take a folder home to practice, but it must appear on the stand at the next rehearsal. If you must miss a rehearsal, make arrangements to get the folder to the conductor or another member of your section or the band. The folder needs to be on its stand in the event your part needs to be covered. Even if you think your part is already covered, emergencies come up and the part may indeed not be covered. Contact the conductor at, or 505-250-1773. Leave a message if the phone is unanswered. Concert Wearables Our concert wearables are simple. We chose these because most people have these items in their closet already. For formal indoor concerts: we will wear ALL BLACK!! From head to toe. Sleeve or dress length is at your discretion. No tie is necessary for the gentlemen. For outdoor concerts, official band polo shirt and optional band hat. These are available at all rehearsals and at the concert venue.Cost is $10.00 for shirts and $10.00 for hats. Sandals with no socks are acceptable, but no flip-flops or Crocs. We want to be comfortable in hot weather but still appear professional. Concert Etiquette It is not OK to have bottled water at a formal concert setting. Hydrate before the concert and during intermission. The only water allowed on stage is for the double reed players to keep their reeds moist. They have the proper equipment for that purpose. Bottled water is acceptable at outdoor concerts for hydration purposes. Cold bottled water will be available at the venue free of charge. During the course of a concert, do not talk with your neighbors. It is rude and unprofessional. Between numbers is the time to prepare for the next piece.It is also not  appropriate to have your cell phone on and be talking or texting at any time on stage. Turn your phone off and keep it in your pocket. Whoever calls you will leave a message if the call is important. That applies for rehearsals also, unless you're expecting an important call. In that case, take your call into the hallway.
MEMBER'S PAGE Here you will find important information about your membership in our band