MUSICKE - doth not onely make sweete the mindes of men, but also many times wilde beasts tame; and whoso savoureth it not, a man may assuredly thinke him to be not well in his wits.                                                                                     Baldassare Castiglione - 1478 - 1529
SONATA XIII - Giovanni Gabrieli - arr. Jerry Laning - ensemble unknown
CROWN IMPERIAL - William Walton - arr. W.J. Duthoit
GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY - Stan Jones - arr. Paul Lavender (Hear the popular vocal by Vaughn Monroe)
BERCEUSE AND FINALE from “Firebird” - Igor Stravansky - arr Robert Longfield
THE GREAT GATE OF KIEV from “Pictures at an Exhibition” - Modest Mussorgsky - arr. Shinji Kasama
RITUAL FIRE DANCE - Manuel De Falla - arr. Jay Bocook
SALVATION IS CREATED - Tschesnokoff - arr. Bruce Houseknecht
ABRACADABRA - Frank Ticheli
PLAYLIST FOR October 22, 2017, All Saints Lutheran Church, Albuquerque- 3:00 PM