MUSICKE - doth not onely make sweete the mindes of men, but also many times wilde beasts tame; and whoso savoureth it not, a man may assuredly thinke him to be not well in his wits.                                                                                     Baldassare Castiglione - 1478 - 1529
MINOR ALTERATIONS - David Lovrien - Band Unknown
THE EIGHTH CANDLE - Steve Reisteter - Band Unknown
A CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL - Leroy Anderson - Rio Rancho Symphonic Band (Dec. 2013 - Cibola High School)
PATAPAN - Tom Wallace - Band Unknown
A HOLIDAY SING-ALONG - John Moss - Band Unknown
LO, HOW A ROSE E’RE BLOOMING - Michael Pretorius arr. Tony Gibbs - No Recording Available
SLEIGH RIDE - Leroy Anderson - Band Unknown
GOOD KING WENCESLAS - John C. Emory - No Recording Available
PLAYLIST FOR December 10, 2017, St. Pius X High School, Albuquerque- 3:00 PM