MUSICKE - doth not onely make sweete the mindes of men, but also many times wilde beasts tame; and whoso savoureth it not, a man may assuredly thinke him to be not well in his wits.                                                                                     Baldassare Castiglione - 1478 - 1529
SEMPER FIDELIS - John Philip Sousa - US Marine Band
BLAZE AWAY - Abe Holzmann - Band Unknown
EL CAPITAN - John Philip Sousa - The Great American Main Street Band
AMERICAN SALUTE - Morton Gould/Douglas Wagner - Alfred Publishing Band
CHARTER OAK - Eric Osterling - All America Concert Band
PROFILE OF AMERICA - Haward Kraemer - No Recording Available
SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY - James Sochinski - Virginia Wind Symphony
COAT OF ARMS - George Kenny (Kenneth George Whitcomb) - US Air Force Band
THE PATRIOTS - Clifton Williams - USAF Heritage of America Band
RIGHT-LEFT - John Philip Sousa - US Marine Band
Below are sight reading titles for the May 22 rehearsal
PLAYLIST FOR June 24, 2018, NM State Veteran’s Home, Truth or Consequences, NM - 2:00 PM
CANTERBURY CHORALE - Van der Roost - North Texas Wind Symphony
SYMPHONIC SUITE FROM “STAR TREK” - Giacchino/Bocook - Taipei Wind Orchestra
CHILL - TD (Tim) Erickson - MP3/MIDI
SALT - TD (Tim) Erickson - MP3/MIDI
THE PINES OF THE APPIAN WAY - Respighi/Turriciano  -  MP3/MIDI